images/bg-war-video_02.jpg images/bg-mfish-main_06.gif
images/videopix/z1.gif THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: LOST
A live-action short based on the characters
in the classic Nintendo video game.

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images/videopix/z2.gif THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: Zii
Sequel to "Legend of Zelda: Lost"
More Link and swordplay!

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images/videopix/vg.gif THE VAMPIRE GAME
A teaser for the miniseries
"The Vampire Game"

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images/videopix/team.gif TEAM DANGERFORCE
A fake movie teaser in the tradition
of 50's B-movie sci-fi films.

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images/videopix/sob.gif SIEGE OF BETRAYAL
JP Sarro's trailer satire for a
cookie-cutter Hollywood action movie

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images/videopix/eoa.gif END OF ANGELS
A teaser for the supernatural thriller
"End of Angels"

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images/videopix/crus.gif THE CRUSADES
A teaser for the Cold War spy feature
"The Crusades"

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images/videopix/punch.gif MYSTERIOUS PUNCH IN THE FACE
"You are entering a world where
I can punch you in the face..."

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images/videopix/eisen.gif EISEN: PART ONE
Part one in a series of vignettes about
dark lives of superheroes fighting an evil
drug company.

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Movies in dark blue require Real Player:
images/videopix/high.gif HIGHLANDER
Matt LePage's Highlander fanfilm
"Blade of the Immortals"

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Download movie (40mb)
images/videopix/titus.gif TITUS ANDRONICUS
Aaron McLane's bloody Bard!
Fans of the Saw films rejoice!

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images/videopix/sword.gif BY THE SWORD
Matt LePage's sci-fi spectacle!
Someone order a light saber duel?

Watch clip on YouTube (3:52)
Watch teaser on YouTube (1:41)
Download movie (45mb)
images/videopix/mort.gif MORTIMER
Omar Robinson's nightmare vision...
Anders Nelson is our savior?

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images/videopix/dark.gif BETWEEN DARKNESS

Matt LePage's continues his epic saga
about the fight for a lost love

Watch teaser on YouTube (2:22)
images/videopix/amsteal.gif AMERICAN STEAL
JP Sarro's trailer satire for a
cookie-cutter Hollywood crime movie

Watch on YouTube (5:00)