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Established by Matt LePage in the fall semester of 2002, Warlords is one of three film/video production clubs at EMERSON COLLEGE. Warlords is devoted to making movies in action genres and sub-genres (adventure, horror, crime, fantasy, thriller, action-comedy, etc.) which sets it apart from other Emerson clubs.

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In additon to having a legitimate excuse (and adequate budget) to make action movies, the organization was also created as a way for younger classmen who want to start making films to hold any positon (producing, directing, screenwriting, special fx, lighting, sound recording, fight choreography, shooting, editing) without having prior experience.

For years Emerson students have enjoyed making films through production clubs like FPS (Frames Per Second), Women in Motion and EIV (Emerson Independent Video). These clubs offer a window to the professional world of media making: set etiquette, high-end equipment, production hierarchy, etc. Warlords is here so students can be productive but also have fun and not forget why we came to Emerson in the first place: because we love movies.

On this site you'll find a sampling of videos made by Emerson Warlords and alumni since the inception of the club in 2002, which should give you a good idea of what we're all about. For starters, try watching this Warlords Promo in which we illustrate the kind of student productions we're trying to avoid. [JOHN CARR]